On behalf of the conference planning team, we wanted to thank everyone who attended this year's Builders Conference. We hope that the conversations, workshops, and worship sessions not only inspired you during the event but will also ripple out into your families, workplaces, and communities in the days, weeks, and months to come. It's our deepest desire that God's work, begun in our time together, will flourish in ways we can only begin to imagine, strengthening you as leaders, believers, and builders in His Kingdom.

Looking ahead, we're already hard at work planning next year's conference, scheduled for November 2nd, 2024.

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For the common man

Saturday, November 4

    The builders conference is a Christian conference for all men.

    We as men desire relationships that allow us to be challenged and built. To be spurned on to the work that each of us has been called to. Our need for each other is one that is evident looking at the Word of God, and yet is so often one that is left unmet. 

About The Topics...

Gather together to learn with topics that are relevant to men in all walks of life, from others that have walked those paths before us. This is not a conference that will live only in our heads, but one that speaks to the work that Christ is doing each day in our lives.

Living Your Eulogy
By: Randy Meyers

Faithful Over Successful
By: Jonathan Rethorn

By: Kevin Simpson

Navigating the Man-O-Sphere
By: Matt French

All of Life is Foreplay
By: Dave Foulke

2023 Breakouts

All of Life is Foreplay
By: Dave Foulke

  God calls men to love their wives sacrificially, to cherish and nourish them, to lead and sanctify them. This session will examine the responsibilities God has given husbands, and particularly how our love fulfills the need for intimacy – spiritual, emotional and physical. Specifically, we will discuss the call to pursue our wives and consider practical ways to be more engaged with them in all aspects of life. The talk will focus on married men, but will be helpful groundwork for those seeking marriage as well.

Faithful Over Successful
By: Jonathan Rethorn

What is the differece between being faithful and successful, and which of these are we really pursuing? Success often proceeds from a life of faith, but should this be what we chase? In this breakout, we will look at how our lives reflect whether our true desire if to use our gifts to build an earthly kindom or do great things for the Lord. 

Navigating the Man-O-Sphere (Panel)
Moderator: Matt French

This breakout panel looks into the alluring world of hyper male masculinity and discusses what the ins and outs of this alpha male dominated landscape often coined  the "Man-O-Sphere". Take a practical look into the dangers of becoming ensnared in false masculine ideals that are being elevated above God’s word for how a man should live.

Living Your Eulogy
By: Randy Meyers

What will be the theme of your eulogy? In this breakout look at the end goals of our life contrasting with how we are living today. Does our vision of the end line up with God’s word? How do I get there and what needs to change? Focus on pursuing this change now.

By: Kevin Simpson

Ecclesiastes 2:24
A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God

This topic explores practical advice for men to be disciplined in day to day actions,
balancing ambition and godly responsibilities. Focus on being accountable to Christ and to each






Doors Open @ 8am 
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Conference Starts
David Bayly | Session 1

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David Bayly

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Conference Location

Christ The Word

3100 Murd Rd, Sylvania, OH 43560
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